Meet Our Staff

Yasue Siewert / Chef

Yasue Siewert was born in Kamakura, Japan the region that is best known for Daibutsu (Great Buddha). As a child she developed a great interest in cooking and credits her mother as one of her first culinary instructors. When she was eighteen, Yasue moved to the United States to pursue a degree in Business at the State University of New York, Monroe Community College in Rochester, New York. During her studies, Yasue still devoted time to her culinary passions, though she found she had to rely heavily on her creative and improvisational skills when preparing Japanese dishes as there were not many specialty food stores around that stocked the ingredients she needed.

Yasue received formal training at the French Culinary Institute in New York. She trained and worked at the world renowned Daniel (New York) and at Brick Hotel (Newton, PA). For Yasue, happiness and satisfaction is achieved by preparing a special dish that someone truly enjoys and appreciates.

Yoshiko Amita / Photographer ・ Web Designer

Yoshiko Amita was born and raised in Hiroshima, an area of Japan most noted as a seafood and oyster bearing region.

At the age of 18, Yoshiko moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue a degree in Computer Information Science. Yoshiko has diverse experience as she worked in real estate and in the engine development unit of Mazda and Honda as a translator. She subsequently moved to New York where she met Yasue Siewert. Yoshiko was inspired by Yasue's passon for cooking and the concept of Food Couture, and decided to join forces with Yasue to create Food Couture as a web designer and a photographer.

After 15 years living in the U.S., Yoshiko moved back to Japan to stay in January 2010. She is currently working for Honda as an in-house interpreter while she continues to act as webmaster of Food Couture.